Play: album van de week (50, 2015): Motorpsycho – Supersonic Scientists

SupersonicLargeWeek 50 inmiddels en deze week is Motorpsycho in de aanbieding met Supersonic Scientists.

Geen nieuwe plaat (Here Be Monsters komt uit in februari 2016), maar wel een gave dwarsdoorsnede van het werk van de Noren. ‘A Young Person’s Guide to Motorpsycho’. Motorpsycho heeft nogal veel gemaakt en waar zou je als psychonaut in wording anders mee moeten beginnen? Nou hiermee dus. En daarna al die andere 50+ briljante platen opsnorren.

An anthology of Motorpsycho’s music from Demon Box to 2015. – Stickman Records


Releasing their first ever anthology after 25 very productive years is asking for trouble. There must surely be as many possible track selections as there are fans and we guess the discussions will be many. … Mostly concentrating on the “ordinary” studio albums and a couple of outsiders and edited versions, we really think the band have made a fantastic selection. Helge “Deathprod” Sten has remastered all the tracks from the original masters and the non chronological order makes for a very natural flowing and intriguing travel through the Motorpsycho universe. … – Rune Grammofon


… if you are as yet unaware of the swaggering majesty that is the Norwegian rock monolith that is Motorpsycho, then listen to this record and get ready to be introduced to your new favourite band … Motorpsycho are a special, once in a generation proposition, criminally undervalued by the wider listening public. … for now, sit back and luxuriate in the glory of the 17 tracks presented here. Then tell all your friends. – Drowned in Sound

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