Play: album van de week (31, 2016): Causa Sui – Return to Sky

causasuiWeek 31 inmiddels. Deze week is Causa Sui in de aanbieding met Return to Sky.

Deense instrumentale psychrock. Een van de smaakmakers in het genre toch. En nog niet live gezien helaas. Heerlijk album toch weer op het eerste gehoor.

Causa Sui’s music is now more earthy and heavy than ever before, but it’s ability to absorb everything from shoegaze and vintage Italian film music to spiritual jazz, afrobeat and minimalism into its fabric has matured as well. Never before has Causa Sui sounded as deep and mesmerizing as on this set. – El Paraiso Records

… is wide open and vehement in its will for exploration, clearly plotted but sounding off the cuff and based heavily on the organically-presented chemistry between drummer Jakob Skøtt, guitarist Jonas Munk, keyboardist Rasmus Rasmussen and bassist Jess Kahr that has only developed further since the band’s last long-player … Their creative pursuit is multifaceted and relentless, and Return to Sky is a well-placed landmark on the road they’re traveling. – The Obelisk

… From being filled to the brim with grooves, lush tones, psychedelic travels, and so much more, “Return to Sky” is a trip well worth taking. Causa Sui are on top of their game here, playing off one another in musical unison. There’s not one moment during these five tracks that the instruments are pushed in separate corners. The jam is alive and well. – The Sludgelord



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