Gezien: Roadburn Redux 2021 – de hoogtepunten

Het is het tweede jaar dat mijn geliefde Roadburn-festival niet door kon gaan, door nogal voor de hand liggende redenen. Dit jaar besloot de organisatie een groots online festival op poten te zetten onder de noemer Roadburn Redux. Achteraf kunnen we concluderen dat dat meer dan geslaagd was. Dit was zelfs een buitengewone prestatie op het gebied van concert-streams en online festivals, waarbij de hele Roadburn community ook daadwerkelijk verzameld was om het thuis op de bank te volgen.

Er werd een fantastisch aanbod gepresenteerd aan uniek materiaal, speciaal voor dit festival gemaakt, opgevoerd en/of als primeur gepresenteerd door meer dan tachtig tot honderd bands/acts, gedeeltelijk live uitgevoerd en uitgezonden vanuit 013. En dat gewoon even vier dagen lang (donderdagavond en van vrijdag- tot en met zondagmiddag/avond). En dat gewoon helemaal gratis toegankelijk, al kon je wel een bijdrage doneren. De saamhorigheid van alle bezoekers maakte het extra bijzonder en minder afstandelijk. Ondanks alle beperkingen was er een echt Roadburn-gevoel aanwezig, mede door een gezamenlijke chat-functie en een ontmoetingsruimte genaamd “The Pit Stop”, om elkaar ook echt te zien en te spreken. Dit was echt next-level wat de organisatie had neergezet, met extra dank aan Walter/Becky, het team van 013, en alle andere medewerkers. En de bands natuurlijk, die werkelijk weer unieke prestaties leverden. Geen uitgebreid verslag hieronder, maar een lijstje van persoonlijke hoogtepunten, zodat we het niet vergeten. Want ondanks alle ellende, was dit een bij uitstek een ervaring om nooit te vergeten, ook al hopen we met z’n allen elkaar volgend jaar nu weer eens echt in het echt te zien. Hopelijk tot 2022 dus in Tilburg, wanneer Roadburn gepland staat op 21-24 April.

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Kairon; IRSE!
Roadburn Redux: “Capturing much of what is at the very core of Roadburn, Kairon; IRSE! combine prog, space and post rock, shoegaze and krautrock, diving down into the gaps between those genres and digging up previously unheard nuggets of magic. Wrapping the whole lot up in a giant bow of shimmering psychedelia, Kairon; IRSE! are truly the whole package. … And now they’ll be beaming straight into our homes, playing the whole thing in full exclusively for us! If ever there was a time to build a pillow fort, sink into the comfort of some blankets and let the experience envelop you – the time is now.
VIDEO – Svart Sessions: Kairon; IRSE! performing Polysomn.
Kicking off our incredible collection of bands under the Svart Sessions banner, it’s time for these inner-space travellers to embrace technology and perform their first ever streamed show! Performing their 2020 album, Polysomn, we’re honoured to welcome Kairon; IRSE! to Roadburn Redux.”

Plaat van het jaar 2020 voor mij, en wat een geweldig optreden hier, heerlijke uitvoering van de plaat live. Hieronder wordt dat optreden binnenkort nog een keer gestreamed (7 mei 2021).

Doctors of Space
Roadburn Redux: “Psychonauts rejoice! Doctors of Space, the duo project from Dr. Martin Weaver (Wicked Lady, Dark) and Dr. Space (Øresund Space Collective, Black Moon Circle, etc.), will bring their intergalactic jams to Roadburn Redux. We couldn’t be more excited to explore the vast cosmos, as Dr. Space has been a backbone of some the festival’s most legendary jams and hypnotic freakouts.

Mooie start van het online festival met heerlijk gefreak van het duo.
Kijk hier het optreden terug.

Die Wilde Jagd
Roadburn Redux: “Die Wilde Jagd were due to perform at Roadburn 2020 – a show that would have coincided with the release of their most recent album, Haut. In 2021 we have invited them to play – with the debut live performance of Haut in its entirety, and with a specially commissioned project, exclusively for Roadburn. Sebastian Lee Philipp is the beating heart at the core of Die Wilde Jagd … their heady blend of psychedelic electronic-rock futurism is intoxicating – but under the banner of a Roadburn commissioned project christened Atem, experimentation has truly run wild. … Atem is a multi-cycle piece written for a hand built wooden organ pipe installation, cello, percussion and electronics. Inspired by ancient Far Eastern knowledge about the art and science of breathing and how it can preserve physical and mental health, as well as Georgian folk harmonies, Atem explores breath and its essential role in human life. The augmented Die Wilde Jagd live ensemble will feature Ran Levari on percussion and Lih Qun Wong on cello. The show will be complemented by visuals designed by Mursel Guven specifically for this one-off mind-bending performance.”

Verrassend lekkere performance en best even anders dan op de plaat waar ook meer songgerichte (kraut)nummers voorbij kunnen komen, dit was een lekkere trip.

Johan G. Winther
Roadburn Redux: “Having just released his solo album The Rupturing Sowle, Johan G. Winther will be presenting a short film at Roadburn Redux entitled Permanent Sojourner, that examines the profound relationship between the artist and their creative space. You may know Johan from his work with post-rockers Barrens, or with blackened hardcore band Blessings, who will also be appearing as part of Roadburn’s Pelagic showcase – but his instrumental solo work is a more intimate exploration. He composed The Rupturing Sowle in a small cabin in the Swedish forest, creating it in total isolation long before Covid forced others to create in a similar manner. His rich weavings of introspective folk capture the duality of the human soul through a concoction of contrasts – light and dark, sadness and joy, acoustic and electric. … presented exclusively for Roadburn Redux.”

Compilatie van video’s van diverse nummers waar ik op een gegeven moment helemaal in zat, alsof je voor de open haard helemaal tot rust komt.

Roadburn Redux: “Pelagic Presents: New Signings: Horte. Roadburn 2018 played host to Horte, who since then have been working on their second full length album with Juho Vanhanen (Oranssi Pazuzu) in the producer’s chair. That album -Maa antaa yön vaientaa – is due for release via Pelagic Records on August 27 this year. We have this performance of the track Valoa on liikaa to help welcome them to the Pelagic family and reunite them with eager Roadburners.”
HORTE Instagram “Listening to HORTE evokes dreamy, psychedelically distorted and cheerfully mesmerising images of sonic landcapes that are hard to pin down or to locate. It is singer Riika’s otherworldly but ultimately pacifying voice which inevitably places these soundscapes in the far North. Besides the vocals, the bass is the most prominent and most tangible element in these predominantly warm soundscapes, standing tall between eerie synth clouds, broken beats and a voice that oscillates between subdued aspiration and bitter laments. HORTE have already made an impression at the 2018 edition of Roadburn. After their self-titled debut album released on Svart Records, they will be releasing their sophomore album „Maa antaa yön vaientaa“ in August via Pelagic, produced by Juho Vanhanen (@oranssipazuzu).”

Roadburn Redux: “With two volumes of the Songs of Townes Van Zandt already out there in the world, we’re delighted to be able to play a part in unveiling the third chapter. The first two albums featured John Baizley, Nate Hall, Mike Scheidt, Wino, Scott Kelly and Steve Von Till, giving an indicator of the pedigree of contributors. As for the third instalment? You’ll have to tune into Roadburn Redux to find out more…”
“The Music of Townes Van Zandt premiere #1 With two volumes of The Songs of Townes Van Zandt already out there in the world, we’re delighted to be able to play a part in unveiling the third chapter. The first artist that we’re unveiling is… AMENRA. Enjoy their cover of Kathleen now … This video is by Jannis Acbard and Ilona Desmet. The track was recorded by Gilles Demolder.”

Opname van dat nummer van vorig jaar (dus niet de video gepresenteerd op Roadburn Redux)

Roadburn Redux: “Having long been fans of their output, and knowing that they were the sort of artists that could take an idea and run with it, we were also convinced that they would relish the task of creating a commissioned piece for Roadburn Redux. Due to social restrictions, the core writing duo of Thomas and Milena commenced the writing for this project at home; the performance will feature the full GOLD line up as the debut this cathartic and bold creation. As articulate as always, we’ll let Milena explain the origins of This Shame Should Not Be Mine…:
This Shame Should Not Be Mine’ is a powerful piece on stigma, shame, loneliness and rejection. It explores my personal trauma and it explores a new sound. We loved experimenting over the past few weeks. We started our writing process from a whole different perspective. We weren’t able to rehearse a whole lot with the full band. So we had to create from our home. With influences from all over, using synths, samples and electronics. It’s the next step in the evolution of GOLD. The theme of the piece is very intimate. It’s hard to be this public about something this private. But we also know it can have a healing effect to address such trauma, not only for us but also for the listener. We want to welcome you in that world and hope you’ll find it comforting.”
LIVESTREAM Commissioned: GOLD performing This Shame Should Not Be Mine
Mark this down as one of our most highly anticipated performances of this weekend. Having been privy to a sneak peek at the material, we can confirm that this performance will be as beautiful as it will be raw; as cathartic as it will be emotionally charged. This Shame Should Not Be Mine will see GOLD at the height of their powers. Take a deep breath, and let’s do this…

Roadburn Redux: ” LIVESTREAM Album Premiere: Emptiness performing Vide. We’re honoured to present Emptiness performing their sixth studio offering in its entirety – Vide is about to take on a life of its own. To listen to Vide on record is to let the rolling fog pin us down and envelop us, to witness it live may just consume us entirely…”

Lekker sfeertje van het album goed vertaald naar een degelijk optreden. Beetje vreemd, maar lekker, zou je ook kunnen zeggen.

Roadburn Redux: “VIDEO Svart Sessions: Polymoon performing Caterpillars of Creation
Marking the first ever performance for an international audience, Polymoon are here to play their critically acclaimed debut album, Caterpillars of Creation, as part of the Svart Sessions at Roadburn Redux – and we’re over the erm… moon about it! They described this as “six track psych prog explosion” – and they’re bang on the money.”

Inter Arma
Roadburn Redux: “VIDEO Inter Arma Covered in the Compound: Live at Chesterfield East We’re smart enough now to know that an Inter Arma show is a very specific kinda vibe best suited to the later hours. Arguably even more so when they’re delivering a set jam-packed with covers! We’re so stoked to be bringing you this set recorded live at Chesterfield East! Technology can do many things but we can’t overcome timezones completely – but wherever you are in the world, we think Inter Arma are capable of bringing those late night party vibes to your living room, whatever time you’re watching.”

Roadburn Redux: “Formed from the collective creative minds of Conny Ochs, Sicker Man and Kiki Bohemia comes the brand new musical project Trialogos, who will unveil their upcoming debut album Stroh Zu Gold in a live performance at Roadburn Redux. … Inspired by the late Tony Conrad’s concept of maximalism in minimal music, Trialogos’ widescreen super 8 soundscapes and ghostly vocals promise to take us on an immersive journey. Their special performance for Roadburn Redux will be streamed from the stunning location of Leipzig’s UT Connewitz, one of Germany’s oldest cinemas that was established in 1912.
— Roadburn regulars will likely be familiar with Conny Ochs, who has brought his haunting folk to the festival’s stages numerous times, both in a solo capacity and alongside collaborator Wino. For Trialogos he joins up with Sicker Man, a cellist and composer and producer of film and theatre scores, and Kiki Bohemia, a singer and autodidactic player of lost and found instruments and toys – Stroh Zu Gold is the result!”

Wat een heerlijke ontdekking! Misschien de meest verrassende nieuwe act op dit festival.

Oslo Tapes
Roadburn Redux: “VIDEO Pelagic Presents: Oslo Tapes
C’mon, c’mon – don’t be falling behind already! There’s a lot to get through today! Up next we have Oslo Tapes – part of the Pelagic Records showcase – who have offered up a new track in the form of a music video exclusive to Roadburn Redux. If they’re unfamiliar to you, it’s time to get acquainted…”

Hier de audio van dat nummer.

Acid Rooster
Roadburn Redux: “There’s a new Acid Rooster on the horizon! Due to land this Spring/Summer via Cardinal Fuzz, Little Clouds records and Sunhair Music, Irrlichter is heading our way. We’re thrilled to be able to present the first track (and video!) to be taken from the record. Mainlining the spirit of Agitation Free, Neu! or any of the well known German psych and krautrock pioneers, Acid Rooster’s partially-written and part-improv take on free-thinking psych is equal parts monolithic and hypnotic, executed with genuine conviction – it’s like being catapulted into orbit by wave after cosmic wave in a maelstrom of psychedelic flavors, whether it’s blistering guitar pyrotechnics or the downtempo check-ins with your consciousness. It’s Acid Rooster’s strength to relentlessly take you well beyond the astral planes.
VIDEO – We may only be near the beginning of the Roadburn day but we’re celebrating the news of a new Acid Rooster album being due to land this summer by premiering a brand new video from the band, right here, right now! “

Sula Bassana
Roadburn Redux: “SOUNDCLOUD Sula Bassana presents Roadburn Haze
Depending on where in the world you are, this next offering might be a bit much for you at this hour. If you’re still wiping away the sleep from your eyes, you can probably forego that first cup of coffee and just hit go on this next recording instead. Sula Bassana AKA Dave Schmidt of Electric Moon has created a bespoke jam just for us that is revving up to catapult us into hyperspace. Buckle up, we’re just getting started…

Solar Temple
Roadburn Redux: “LIVESTREAM – Commissioned: Solar Temple performing The Great Star Above Provides. We’re used to nothing normal being the new normal – and therefore somehow it makes perfect sense for the first live outing for Solar Temple to be broadcast around the globe from the 013 venue. Sure, why not?! They’re performing their commissioned piece, The Great Star Above Provides – expect psychedelic black metal and ceremonial brilliance.”

Roadburn Redux: “VIDEO – Paradox Presents: Autarkh III
If yesterday’s live performance of Form In Motion has got you eager for more from this homegrown Tilburg band, then we have you covered – but be prepared for a change of gear… Autarkh III is a reimagining of Form In Motion – an alternate timeline if you like. Focussing on ambient and drone atmospheres, alternating with sections that are leaning more towards improvisation and heavier down-tempo arrangements, this is Autarkh but not as you know them.”

Plague Organ
Roadburn Redux: “In keeping with our thirst for both experimental music and delivering exclusive performances, we’re thrilled to announce that Roadburn will host the debut live performance from Plague Organ. The duo comprising of René Aquarius (Cryptae, Imperial Cult, Horrid Apparition, Dead Neanderthals, etc) and recording engineer Marlon Wolterink (White Noise Studio and one half of the band Meglamancha) is a black/death/noise amalgam that will give you nightmares for weeks to come.
LIVESTREAM – Le Guess Who? at Roadburn Redux: Plague Organ performing Orphan
Offered up in conjunction with one of our all time favourite festivals, Le Guess Who?, we’re thrilled to be presenting Plague Organ – performing the soundtrack to your nightmares, AKA their album, Orphan.”

Dit is het album dat de band live speelde vanuit 013.

Roadburn Redux: “VIDEO – TESA released their hypnotic album C O N T R O L last year and we were enraptured. Today, we’re presenting the album with an exclusive element in the form of the accompanying visuals – originally designed to be part of a live show – that add an extra dynamic to the already mesmerising album. Stand too close to the cat and decant your beer into a plastic cup and you could almost pretend you’re at one of those live shows that never was.”

Hier heb je een idee, nummer van het album.

Roadburn Redux: “VIDEO – Commissioned: BADA. Anna Von Hausswolff is full of surprises. Despite our love for her output we weren’t quite prepared for how she dominated the Main Stage in 2019… and now, with her band, BADA, we weren’t sure what to expect from this commissioned performance. If sprawling, psychedelic jams are your thing then these guys have delivered just the thing to get your Saturday evening heading in some kind of spacey direction. Hit play and prepare to be transported somewhere altogether more diaphanous.”

Echt een geweldig optreden op zolder in de mist, best anders dan het eerste album, meer langgerekte psych en meer drums. Kan niet wachten op deze release!

Roadburn Redux: “VIDEO Offermose presents Jordens åbne sår
Craving tidal waves of shape shifting sounds that open wide the hidden portal of the mind and the twisted trails to the distant light within thyself? Look no further – from the bottomless depths of murky forest lakes to the unfathomable reaches of primordial cosmos, Offermose have arrived with yet another dark ritual of sacrifice, this time exclusively for Roadburn Redux.”

Roadburn Redux: “VIDEO – Divided as we may be (sadly separated by time and distance), united we are about to become – thanks to Gallops. We don’t care what timezone you’re on – the Saturday night dance party starts here. Recorded in the remote Welsh wilderness, Gallops are throwing it back to Roadburn 2018 when they dominated Het Patronaat and simultaneously beaming us somewhere far into the future. Wherever we’re going, we’re on board.”

Nee, niet in het Patronaat dus hier. Flitsende beelden. Klinkt lekkerder dan toen ik het destijds op Roadburn in het Patronaat ervoer.

Neptunian Maximalism
Roadburn Redux: “Their 2020 release Éons was a journey through space and time, dominated by rhythm and ritual, divided into three and dedicated to the Sun, the Moon and the Earth respectively. Having initially joined forces in 2018, the core duo of Guillaume Cazalet (CZLT) and the veteran saxophonist player Jean-Jacques Duerinckx (Ze Zorgs) have created a sound and defined a purpose that is truly unique.
For this performance commissioned by Roadburn, they will explore Éons in a completely new way. The section dedicated to the Moon will serve as an introduction and be followed by as yet unreleased material, presented for the first time for a worldwide Roadburn audience. On stage there will be no less than nine musicians creating this all new and exclusive meditation on the evolution of the human species, accompanied by live visuals filmed, edited and screened by A Thousand Lost Civilizations.

LIVESTREAM Commissioned: Set Chaos To The Heart Of The Moon
We often talk of bands straddling genres, or defying convention, but few do it with the same exploratory mindset that Neptunian Maximalism possess. If you’ve been wondering when the best time to truly let loose is – we can confirm that time is now. Give yourselves over to Neptunian Maximalism – there’s no-one and nothing quite like them.”

Beetje wazig en flauw begin, maar uiteindelijk wel lekker, met ook twee drummers. Freejazz en prog-invloeden, deed me ergens ook wel even aan Magma denken.

Haunted Plasma
Roadburn Redux: “VIDEO – Svart Sessions. You want new bands? We’ve got new bands. When we included a special, secret show in the very first Roadburn Redux announcement, this band had barely even rehearsed together, nevermind started to think about a live show. But if there’s anywhere in the world that can breed hyperproductive, ubercreative beings, it’s Tampere, Finland. The phantoms at the beating nucleus of this unearthly machine are Juho Vanhanen (Oranssi Pazuzu, Grave Pleasures), Timo Kaukolampi (K-X-P, Op:l Bastards) and Tomi Leppänen (Circle, Aavikko, K-X-P), transmitting a music form evolved from a life of redefining sonic boundaries in their respective projects. Also featuring guest vocals from Mat McNerney (Hexvessel, Carpenter Brut, Beastmilk) and Ringa Manner (Ruusut, The Hearing) Haunted Plasma promises an extraterrestrial experience from some of the foremost contemporary musicians at the heart of the Finnish heavy and avant-garde musical underworld. Enough introduction – bring on the Haunted Plasma!”

Talea Jacta meets Electric Moon
Roadburn Redux: “SOUNDCLOUD – It’s no secret we like to make our way through the outer reaches of the galaxy, and we consider Electric Moon a part of our Roadburn family, and so it’s truly a pleasure to bring you the exclusive premiere of Part 1, the opener of Sabator, the forthcoming live album to be released in September on the band’s Sula Bassana’s own Sulatron Records.”

Electric Moon stond nog in 2019 op Sonic Whip.

Dirk Serries
Roadburn Redux: “LIVESTREAM Commissioned: Dirk Serries performing Epitaph.
Having already hosted Dirk Serries with Fear Falls Burning, Microphonics, Year of No Light, Yodok III and Scatterwound already, we were due to welcome him back in 2020 with Kodian Trio. Fate had other ideas… but with a creative spirit that never stops wandering and a thirst for experimenting, we knew that Dirk would be primed and ready to throw himself head first into a commissioned project for Roadburn Redux. And now the time is here… presenting Dirk Serries’ Epitaph.”

Roadburn Redux: “VIDEO – Pelagic Presents: Psychonaut
Psychonaut will release a split with label-mates Sâver this year via Pelagic, which pushes the boundaries of the band in new directions. Relishing the challenge, they have recorded a play-through video of their new 16 minutes single, The Great Realisation featuring some special guests.”

Dead Neanderthals
Roadburn Redux: “LIVESTREAM – Commissioned: Dead Neanderthals performing IXXO
This irrepressible duo is bursting at the seams with creative ideas – and they’ve let some of them loose within the confines of this commissioned project. Otto and René have teamed up with Dutch singer/songwriter Aafke Romeijn, and Jonge Woudloper, one of the musicians in Aafke’s band, to create IXXO. This brand new krautrock-inspired composition is heavy on the synths but promises warmth and depth. Let’s get involved…”

Roadburn Redux: “VIDEO Album premiere: Territoire presents Étude de la profondeur Olivier Arson, AKA Territoire is here to give your Sunday evening an abrasive sense of impending doom. Filmed in a warehouse – where else – and now broadcast via Roadburn Redux, we’re delighted to welcome Territoire back to Roadburn, performing their new album, Étude de la profondeur. If you caught their 2018 performance of their album Alix at Roadburn, you’ll know something of what to expect. For everyone else – strap in!”

Dit album werd live uitgevoerd – awel, opgenomen…

Of Blood And Mercury
Roadburn Redux: “On paper, it may have seemed like a gamble to invite Of Blood and Mercury to Roadburn 2020 – off the back of their debut album, and performing only their second ever show. But with an electrifying presence and a solid pedigree between them (both Olivier J.LW and Michelle Nocon had performed at Roadburn previously with Emptiness and Bathsheba) we knew we were on to a sure bet. For Roadburn Redux, we’re rolling the dice again with an absolutely steady hand – once again we have every confidence we have lined up something that will be a treat for us all.
LIVESTREAM Commissioned: Of Blood And Mercury performing The Other Side Of Death Live from Tilburg, Of Blood and Mercury are performing a commissioned piece called The Other Side of Death, a soundtrack that will move us through the first moments of after-life. They have promised that our earthly perception of time, space, sound, and feeling will fall apart. Not fully here, nor there, nowhere and everywhere; the lie about death is the beginning of the lie about life…”

Roadburn Redux: “Formed eight years ago by Michel Kirby, with Corvus Von Burtle and Marc De Backer joining the ‘Nest soon after, they have concocted two albums (2016’s self titled, and 2018’s Void which was performed in full at Roadburn 2019) – each one a hypnotic and darkly mysterious rite of passage. With the pandemic curtailing their touring plans, the band set about recording their third album – inserting their souls, hearts, sweat and no doubt other bodily fluids into what would become Temple. Wolvennest’s cinematic sound is injected with 70’s psychedelia and a rawness most often associated with Norgwegian black metal – a heady cocktail that leaves listeners reeling.
To experience Wolvennest live is like teetering on the edge of the abyss – you can try to claw your way back up to safety, but the pull from the depths below is too strong to resist. With this performance of Temple, Wolvennest invite us to dive straight in – embrace the darkness, raise your fist and worship at the Temple of Wolvennest.
— LIVESTREAM – Album Premiere: Wolvennest performing Temple
Surely one of the most anticipated sets of the weekend, and we’ve made you wait till nearly the end to experience it! If you’ve been indulging in Temple since its release, you’ll be eager to dive straight in; if you’re new to Wolvennest, prepare for a baptism of fire. Without further ado, we’re honoured to present Wolvennest performing their latest album, Temple, in full – live from the 013 venue in Tilburg with accompanying visuals from A Thousand Lost Civilisations.”

Fijne show met fijne meeslepende sfeer en een stukje interessanter nog dan het eerdere optreden “with friends”.

Shy, Low
Roadburn Redux: “VIDEO – Pelagic Presents: New Signings: Shy, Low
The final new addition to the Pelagic Roster is Shy, Low – they’ll have their third full length album, titled Snake Behind The Sun, out this August via the label. The first track to be heard from that album is this one here that we’re debuting especially for you! The video was directed by Drew Storcks and the track is called Helioentropy. Stay tuned for more Shy, Low in the coming months!”

Year Of No Light
Roadburn Redux: “VIDEO – Pelagic Presents: Year Of No Light
This brand new track, Réalgar, is taken from Year Of No Light’s long-awaited upcoming new album Consolamentum. Clocking in at just under 13 minutes, Réalgar promises to be an exciting taste of what’s to come from the French five-piece. It’s been eight years since Year Of No Light released their last full-length, Tocsin, a boundlessly intense expression of crushing intensity and hypnotic transcendence, and Réalgar has us eager to hear more.
But for now, don’t be fooled into thinking this is your average kinda video clip – this is a cinematic experience all of its own. Written and codirected by Corentin Schieb, Mathias Averty and Célia le Goaziou, three young directors living in Nantes, in West of France, and as the band says it “takes the form of a dreamlike stroll around different characters lost between several realities and confronted with their inner demons.”

Roadburn Redux: “VIDEO Pelagic Presents: Briqueville
We’ve championed Briqueville for a few years now – highlighting their talent back at Roadburn 2015! Now with a couple of releases under their belt – including 2020’s Quelle – capturing on record their eerie soundscapes and shamanic ritualism. Briqueville is truly coming into bloom. As part of Pelagic Presents… we’re delighted to premiere the video for the track AKTE XII taken from the aforementioned Quelle.”

Niet de videoclip bij “Akte XII” zoals op Roadburn Redux werd vertoond, maar wel hetzelfde nummer live uitgevoerd.

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