Beestvideos (21)

Hier deel 21 van een setje muziekvideo’s van YouTube. Oude en nieuwe concerten en videoclips. Gewoon lekker. En soms met een knipoog. De hele reeks beestvideo’s kun je trouwens hier vinden.



GONG – My Sawtooth Wake (LIVE – from Pulsing Signals)

Psychonaut Live at AB – Ancienne Belgique

Samavayo – Transcend!Exceed!

SONS – Nothing

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Full Performance (Live on KEXP)

Spinvis – Lente ’22

DEADLETTER – Binge (Live at Left of the Dial 2022)

WuW – Orchaostre 2
WuW – Orchaostre 5

Bandler Ching – Smooch

Mint Field – Levitation Sessions (Full Set)

Weval – Don’t Lose Time

Pelican live | Freak Valley Festival 2022 | Rockpalast

Smote – Hlaf

Rammstein – Adieu

BRUIT ≤ MEANS NOISE ( Documentary )
BRUIT – The machine is burning (live at Oefenbunker (NL) 2022)

POLYMOON – Malamalama (Live At Roadburn Redux 2021)
POLYMOON – Set The Sun

Throw Down Bones – Loma
PHAL:ANGST “Severance”

Hands Up Who Wants to Die – L’inconnue

Tomàn – Deportivo

LOST IN KIEV – Rupture (Live Session)

Heartworms – Retributions Of An Awful Life

Ulrika Spacek – The Sheer Drop’ 

SHLUG – Baby Teef

Spotlights – Algorithmic

Prins S. en De Geit – live at Song van het Jaar 2022, Maassilo

Fu Manchu – Live at Freak Valley Festival 2022 

Squid – Swing (In a Dream)

Fuzz Club Session: The Third Sound (Full Performance)

Last Christmas (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli)

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life – North Korean Edition

Henry van Loon – DWDD in 3 minuten

Homer Smashed Face (AI visualized lyrics line-by-line)

Tom & Jerry VS System of a Down (by Freeman-47)

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